Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Bladdy blah blah

Well, I must say that my stay here in Bryan/College Station has been interesting and eventful. I have found a couple of venues to get myself some stage time and thus keep me sane. I have started playing at a little bar called Shotzie's on Mondays and I am playing at a place called Revolutions starting Wednesday. It doesn't pay anything but I'm just glad to be out and playing. It was an itch I needed to scratch something bad before I found some venues.
I have had a lot of fun with it thus far. I get pretty good support from the unit and the people around College Station seem to really like my style.
All in all, this jaunt away from home has done wonders for my songwriting. I have a few new ditties hot off the presses as well as a few in the works. Awesomeness. If this is any indicator of the year to come, I should have a Grammy eligible album worth of stuff by 2010.