Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Holiday musings

It is now December and time grows ever shorter for my stay here in lovely College Station. The weather has finally decided that it is almost winter and has gone from a comfy 70 degrees in the daytime to a chilly mid 40's. Loverly.
Songwriting has been good; I have finished another song called Chasing Aphrodite. I'm liking it a little more every time I play it. Everyone else seems to like it too; I may have a hit on my hands. I now have places to play Mondays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays now though I pick and choose where and when to play.
I can only handle so many swooning women at a time.
Thanksgiving was nice. I spent it with the Delgado family. I ate, I got stuffed, I drank a few beers, and I played a little. I now know that SSG Delgado's baby daughter is my biggest fan. Have to hook 'em when they're young, ya know?
Christmas is getting closer and I'm procrastinating on my letter to Santa. I've been asking for a Red Rider BB gun for the last twenty years, but haven't received it for safety reasons, or so I've been told. Perhaps I'll just ask for my two front teeth ... in PLATINUM!!!

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Top said...

Hey, Sgt Risner, you'll shoot your eye out!