Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Countdown to Leave a.k.a. So Close Yet So So So So Far

Hello loyal blog readers!

As I write this, I am less than two weeks from getting what feels like a well-deserved rest. This means that I have completed approximately half of my Iraq tour, which is strange considering I have been going at it since October. I hope that means I am more than half done, but of course, those first three months don't technically count.

Less than a 26th of a year until I go home for two weeks and relax, sleep late, drink beer, maybe play a show, see my friends, see my family, have a screwdriver for breakfast, pet my dog, pet my cat, play with my godson, get some loving from the ladies, drink mass quantities, drive with the windows down, go swimming, appreciate a green landscape, feel a cool breeze instead of blow-dryer winds, drink beer, collaborate musically with like-minded friends, have a Jager bomb, record a little, enjoy the peace and quiet, get loud, get rowdy, party, have some shots of Jack Daniels, wear civilian clothes, see my godson's little sister come into the world, smile uncontrollably, drink beer, sweat significantly less, walk around outside without a shirt on, wear shoes that don't require socks, experience internet without lag, watch TV that isn't AFN, eat sushi, eat a McDonald's cheeseburger, have a tequila shot, maybe buy my new acoustic guitar, pay off some debts, mail off some packages that for some reason went to my house instead of here, have Starbucks Coffee, enjoy not working, drink beer, and all kinds of things that I haven't even thought of yet.

I want the days to speed up and they creep by. Soon, I'll want them to creep by and they'll fly.

Such is life.

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